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Q1.what is the best forex trading firm one can open account with?
Q2.What is the best forex trading strategy?
Q3.What is forex trading? how does it differ from normal stock market trading?
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3 Jan 2011 9:46:15 PM  
Q1. what is the best forex trading firm one can open account with?  
If you need to trade currencies, which is the best forex broker or trading company you will enter business with?  
The best answer for Q1...  
I would recommend opening a demo account with a good forex site. This demo account will allocate practice money that you can practice with and see if forex is good for you, and whether you would make money or not. The great thing about opening this demo account is that this is not real money but you'll be able to trade live in the market with this practice money given to you by the site. But note that this is practice money and therefore not real money. Once you make a profit with the practice money and are comfortable with trading forex, you can open a real trading account. Good sites provide one-on-one forex guidance. It takes a few clicks to open a demo account. One of the sites you can open a demo account is  
18 Feb 2010 10:14:46 AM  
Q2. What is the best forex trading strategy?  
I have been reading about trading forex but I am unsure about the strategy I should be using. I have read about so many different strategies and they all claim to be the best and easiest. I was just wondering if anybody had any real experience trading forex that could recommend a good strategy to start out with.  
The best answer for Q2...  
If you are a beginner, i suggest you to use Marketiva, which is a very good platform to start trading with and very easy to use. Marketiva gives you 5$ real to start trading so you don't have to deposit and if you made profit from it you can cash out, this is why it's very good for beginners. Their platform is very easy to use and they have support during trading hours for your questions, doubts etc. They also have chat channels where you can talk, exchange opinions and ideas with traders of your country or international traders. To open your account please visit  
9 Dec 2009 2:42:21 AM  
Q3. What is forex trading? how does it differ from normal stock market trading?  
What is forex trading? how does it differ from normal stock market trading? Are the risk and strategies different? Can forex be more profitable?  
The best answer for Q3...  
Hello Richard, Well Forex trading, is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another at current prices. For example, buying Gbp/Usd means buying the pound and at the same time selling the dollar, a very simple concept indeed. Currencies as the above are traded in pairs mainly on the interbank (banks) and retail (private traders) market. Common terms used: - FX trading - spot forex The four major currencies are the Eur/Usd, Gbp/Usd, Usd/Jpy and Usd/Chf. You can easily find your trade among one of those currencies day in day out. Here are the main differences: - Market Performance. More volatility in the Currency market making market very liquid - Low Transaction costs - Market Transparency - Trending Market - No uptick rule - No bear Market (when one currency goes down the other one is appreciating in value) Also the leverage in forex is much higher and you need a very small start up capital to get a feel of the currency market. Stock market many a times has a major effect on some currency pairs such as USD and JPY. Using the data of some major stock can to some extent predict the moves in the USD and YEN pairs. The strategies are the same in many cases. However due to the high liquidity and volatility of the currency pair, you will get far more action in the forex market than the stock market. I hope that helps if you need any more info you may have a look at the following website Best of luck  
24 Sep 2009 1:55:25 AM  
Q4. How the forex trading (iFOREX) is reliable and how much can some1 earn from it ?  
Hi All: I have been contacted by an account manager of forex trading company iForex and I was suggested that if would join their team I can earn around $1000 per month. Can someone please guide how these sites are reliable and what about the FOREX trading business and how this compnay (iFOREX) is also relaible if anybody knows it personaly or earning anything from it.  
The best answer for Q4...  
A few months ago, I was asking the same question about Dude they are liars and cheating people. Read this blog to know more about them-  
15 Aug 2009 5:50:22 AM  
Q5. What is the best way to learn forex trading?  
I would like to start trading in foreign exchange, and I am looking for tips on how to get started with forex trading? I have looked at some of the trading platforms out there, and they seem quite complex and intimidating. Your help would be appreciated.  
The best answer for Q5...  
Sign up for a demo account with any of the forex brokerages.  
2 Jun 2009 11:59:44 AM  
Q6. What is the Best Forex Broker Offer Automated Forex Trading System?  
Hi everyone! I am new to forex and have only just found out about all these automated forex robots and such that are supposed to really take a lot of the risk out of forex trading. I need an real working automated forex robots, automated forex system that really works. Can anyone suggest a good one? Thank you!  
The best answer for Q6...  
You can get the Leading Automated Forex Trading System Here for Free: Avafx has a forex autotrading service called Avafx Auto Trader, a platform that allows its forex brokerage clients to choose from various trading signals providers and have those signals traded automatically in their live trading account. With a free 30-day demo, decent web-based platform and comprehensive signals performance, the Avafx Auto Trader is a very good broker-based service to look at when comparing autotrading providers. This service does come highly recommended for traders looking to add autotrading to their forex portfolio. Firstly, the Avafx Auto Trader platform is fairly easy to navigate and start up its 30-day demo. The demo allots an account of $100,000 to trade with. Avafx allows trading on 23 different currency pairs. The performance page is very comprehensive to compare and choose from the hundreds of expert trading signal providers: you can filter the trade signal providers by profit($), max draw down, profit factor, date started, average pip profit, winning percentage, and currency pair. You can also set your maximum number of trades that you wish to be open for your trading account, your lot sizes per signal provider, or maximum stop losses per trade provider. Right away you can pick up to 10 different signal providers, choose pairs and lot sizes, and have the platform take over from there, automatically trading your account with your selected trading signals. Your computer does not need to be on for the signals to be traded in your account, as this service uses a remote server. Now, to go live with a live autotraded account there are a few rules. Your trading account minimum investment is $1000. Also, Avafx charges you 1 pip commission on each round trip trade on top of their normal spread to use their autotrade system. Seem unfair? Not really. Comparing ZuluTrade to Avafx Auto Trader, Avafx actually comes out on top. Yes, ZuluTrade does not charge a commission, however comparing the best signal providers, Avafx appears to have the best performing signals. Avafx’s performance comparison is actually much more user-friendly than ZuluTrade’s performance page: you can quickly compare important trading system factors like risk adjustment rate (RAR) and profit factor which cannot even be determined on ZuluTrade. Both do provide maximum drawdown for each signal provider, which is one of the most important. But when looking at the RAR, total pips accumulated divided by max draw down, the Avafx providers have a much better RAR than the ZuluTrade signals providers. Is that worth the 1 pip commission per trade? Absolutely. Now, if your trading account is $50,000 or more, you are then a VIP level account which means you will not be charged the 1 pip commission and you will get a better deal on the spreads as well. Another thing to note: Avafx is an approved broker for ZuluTrade. So, if you try out Avafx Auto Trader signals and are not impressed, then it will be very easy to set up a ZuluTrade account using Avafx as your broker. On the negative side, the Help section and Support Center are not very helpful regarding the Auto Trader. However, the Live chat help was very responsive and they answered most of my questions quickly. There was one question that remains with Auto Trader: there is a very large disclaimer at the bottom of the trading platform about “Hypothetical trading results and performance data”. It is unclear if Avafx Auto Trader signals providers are using live trading accounts or DEMO accounts for their trading performance data. I would think that DEMO trading is likely to be less accurate than live trading performance data. Avafx support did not answer this question directly. Also the Avafx Auto Trader does not have the Margin-call-ometer that ZuluTrade does, which is a very nice feature that explains and guards against account margin calls. However, Avafx’s platform does have some decent features to help clients remain positive and not margin call their accounts. In writing this review, only a demo account was used to try out the system and platform. Avafx insists that the platform and service are identical whether trading demo or live with them. Overall the Avafx Auto Trader receives 4 stars and comes highly recommended.  
24 Mar 2009 3:07:30 PM  
Q7. Forex trading and how to go about it from home?  
Can someone explain in detail how forex trading can be done from home in order to earn some additional income? Too, what is involved or needed? How much is needed as an investment?  
The best answer for Q7...  
I would check out fore forums. Like babypips etc. However make sure you understand every aspect of the forex game, because it is hard to earn good money if you don't know what you are doing. Maybe another option for you is to let someone else manage your account?  
22 Mar 2009 12:06:7 AM  
Q8. What is the Best Automated Forex Trading System Out There?  
Hi everyone! I am relatively new to forex and have only just found out about all these automated forex robots and such that are supposed to really take a lot of the risk out of forex trading. There are so many though! Can anyone suggest like a good one, based on personal experience? Thank you!  
The best answer for Q8...  
anav, A good forex system means you need to constantly have high probability trades. You also need to be aware of all the currency pairs in real time. Maybe this blog can help. Remember, no trading will be full proof, so be cautious about the claims some trading systems make.  
25 Mar 2008 9:48:39 PM  
Q9. What is the secret to successful forex trading?  
A complete newbie to forex trading, I am having difficulties figuring out where to look for information, but also what exactly to look for. Commodities? Bank quarterly results?  
The best answer for Q9...  
Well you could take courses on US and World economics, read some financial economies books and/or know when and the fundamental news that affects price swings are reported. Stay clear during these volatile times because they can take out your stop in a heartbeat and a few beats later go back the other way. And remember that the news could already be mostly priced into the current price. Link will answer many questions and answers you should know. I have 3 accounts (never put all your money/eggs in one account/basket). You can start with $500 when you can afford to open account. Since you are just starting you will lose money if you don't learn the basics, first. #1 best tip, don't trade your real money until you try trading demo account. When you can trade a demo for about 2-3months daily and make money then if you feel ready slowly start trading real money. So making and/or losing money depends on how well you can trade. For some it very profitable, for many it is not. So trading with the right tools and knowledge can become a very good income(s) for short and long term goals. And trade with the current trend. I use Lightning Strikes Trading System for trading in any time frame and it works on forex, stocks, bonds, etf's, mutual funds, etc... They have 3 free training sessions a week and you don't have to buy the software to join in the live chat and text. They focus their training/trading on the Forex markets major currencies. You can even watch some recorded past live sessions. Here are some past charts that I used. There are 7 indicators (2 short, 2 medium, and 3 long term) and if volume is reported another one is added (on balance volume). Plus whatever time-frame is used the 2 green horizontal lines are the support and resistance for that time frame. So when indicators are all touching the bottom price is at or very, very near support. At top is at or very, very near resistance. Which helps my entry/exits and risk/reward ratio. If you can not view charts above or want to see other charts, I can email them. Or you can view more charts in this yahoo group. Start learning the basics of fundamentals and technical analysis so you will be more informed in your investments. You can find all the basic info you need to learn on websites for free. This site should give you a good start. Try what you learn on demo sites. They can be a very fun but educational way to learn from mistakes. If you pick 75% right with play money then you might be ready to start slowly investing. Or just google for more. Here are my favorite sites. Join group to see and discuss LS charts. Has basically all you need from fundamental to technical terms. Plus stock screens, charts, public chart lists, and much more useful info. Has good learning resources. In addition to yahoo finance. For news and more. For news and more. For rating stock risk/reward ratio and reports. For investing in more than stocks. For more great learning tools. For best software timing your entry/exits any time frame for day traders and long term investors. Others worth exploring. Best Wishes, Burt Whitley  
14 Oct 2006 10:42:37 PM  
Q10. What is the best forex training course I can buy? What is the best book on forex trading?  
I am a beginner who wish to learn before forex trading. Thank You.  
The best answer for Q10...  
I don't know about buying a forex training course when theres so many resources on forex online. Here are some of the sites that i use to teach me more about forex/sharetrading. The websites below have very helpful resources regarding currency trading & theyre all free! I've personally found them very useful in learning about forex trading and its sharetrading counterpart.  

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