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Q1.What is the best way to invest in euro and have a quick turn around other than currency trading?
Q2.Whats is the best way to invest in euros other than trading currency?
Q3.what is a suitable benchmark for currency trading in the Eur, the USD and the BRL?
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26 Jan 2011 9:16:31 AM  
Q1. What is the best way to invest in euro and have a quick turn around other than currency trading?  
The best answer for Q1...  
21 Jan 2011 3:14:1 PM  
Q2. Whats is the best way to invest in euros other than trading currency?  
The best answer for Q2...  
7 Nov 2010 3:58:43 AM  
Q3. what is a suitable benchmark for currency trading in the Eur, the USD and the BRL?  
my home currency is euro and i have made currency trades in dollar and in brazilian currency. i need to compare or benchmark these trades. what is a suitable benchmark for these and also for leaving my euro money on deposit????  
The best answer for Q3...  
Just pick one of the three and track the other two in relationship to it. If I were you, I'd use the Euro since that's your home currency. Divide your portfolio into thirds, one third of the portfolio value in each currency and periodically rebalance back to those proportions, that should automatically cause you to be buying when low and selling when high for all three currencies and it would only take a maximum of two transactions to rebalance.  
4 Mar 2010 2:36:52 PM  
Q4. will the euro replace the us dollar as a the world's trading currency?  
As a market place the EU has a population of 500 million +. Combined with the massive debt being undertaken by the US govt. Rumours are already circulating that a number of countries want a change by 2018. Any facts to this? I know our economies are closely tied. Last year I heard that a number of countries were thowing this idea out there. Japan, Saudi Arabia are just two. It was more anlong the lines of pricing oil to a different currency.  
The best answer for Q4...  
EU debt is worse than US's. Facts are that China said it wants to reconsider the situation with dollar being the main currency in the world. What it meant, though, was that it was its own currency recognized, not EU. Also, China did nothing to make this happen, and it has a long history of making empty threats. Finally, you must realize that whatever hurts US, also hurts Canada, and hurts it a lot worse.  
4 Sep 2009 11:47:54 PM  
Q5. In currency trading what are the indications that a particular currency is going strong or weak?  
Since Iam a fresher in forex/currency trading ,I would like to know the inputs and tips in that trade.For Exp: EURO/USD pair I buy euro with usd and in USD/EURO I sell usd with euro .How far it will work  
The best answer for Q5...  
You have to learn fundamental analysis in forex trading. It's all about how news can have great impact to the currency fluctuation. Economic news or statistical release from the government such as GDP, interest rates decision, balance of trade, US unemployment claims, non farm payroll and many more. Here a good article about it for you to get started. Happy learning and good luck on your trading.  
20 Jun 2009 7:34:16 PM  
Q6. 10 points, can someone please explain how the Euro currency works?  
They all have one currency, but different countries have different monetary policies, wouldn't the exchange rate be muddled? You can only trade one euro for one euro, anything else is absurd. Please enlighten me.  
The best answer for Q6...  
The countries do not have their own monetary policy, it is all run by the European Central Bank.  
9 Mar 2009 7:38:32 AM  
Q7. Why hasn't the world abandoned the US Dollar for the Euro as a trading currency?  
The best answer for Q7...  
The Euro has an even weaker foundation than the dollar. If we do not stop spending Trillions of dollars that we do not have the US Dollar could be abandoned in favor of Chinese Yen.  
18 Jul 2008 7:32:5 AM  
Q8. Effects of rise in value of the Euro relative to $ and , have on eurozone members & non euro trading partners  
hi there, i have an essay question in having trouble with it is as follows, to explan what effects might the present rise in value of the euro relative to other currencies such as the sterling and US dollar have on eurozone members AND their non euro trading partners. any help would be appreciated! thanks  
The best answer for Q8...  
The effects are many and prolonged in time, and depends on the structure of the local economies. As long as we're talking about euro members, a strong euro makes easier and more convenient the importations and, on the other side, inconvenient the exportations. For example, in the eurozone the oil price is increasing, but much less than in the USA. As the export quote decreases, the production in the eurozone decreases as well, since most of the products are now coming from the rest of the world. This, together with the consequent raising of the disoccupation rate, contributes to the low inflation too, because salaries are kept down. Of course, a minor export quote means a lower growth of the GDP, with all the effects you can imagine. That's not all. Because it's a complicated matter, I would suggest you to check out the rest of the connected effects of all of this I summarized to you  
6 Oct 2007 10:32:16 AM  
Q9. Why should $ USD be the trading currency for all our international transaction?  
All our international transaction occurs in USD & not in INR. This occurs no matter whom we trade with. For example we buy crude oil from Saudi Arabia, yet we pay them in $ & not in Rial or INR. Why should we use $ in payment, why not INR or some other country be the trading currency. This not the case with India, all over the world they do this. Other dominant currency is euro. But why should international monetory be controled by rich nations, why not it be poor nation. Why should a fate of one country be decided by other country ?  
The best answer for Q9...  
Because the currencies you mention are considered "soft" currencies. "Hard" currencies like the U.S. Dollar and Euro are more widely traded on currency exchanges and are more liquid currencies. Also they are a preferred reserve currency because of the large size and stability of their economies. That's why some commodities like oil are bought and sold in $ or Euro, because the people selling the oil prefer $ or Euro.  
13 Mar 2007 9:39:26 PM  
Q10. Where can I get a best deal in currency trading?  
I am planning to go to europe and i have to bring cash in euro, of course and I have to convert dollars to euro.  
The best answer for Q10...  
It depends sometimes if you use a specific bank you can get discounts from that bank  

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